Elewana Sand River Masai Mara, Kenya


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he Sand River Masai Mara lodge is located on the river from which it gets its name and within the Masai Mara Reserve. The lodge harkens back to the 1920’s heyday of luxury tented safari camps.  The surrounding Masai Mara Reserve is full of excellent game viewing and during the annual migration you have a front row seat as the thousands of zebra, wildebeest and other antelope make their seasonal move to more fertile grazing lands.

Elewana Serengeti Migration Camp, Tanzania


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The Serengeti Migration Camp is located along the Grumeti River in the Serengeti National Park.  During the Annual Migration hundreds of thousands of animals make their way through the Serengeti and across the Grumeti River.  Even if you miss the great migration there are still plenty of animals around the camp at all times (the resident hippos are there year round and can be heard snorting at all hours of the day).

The Manor at Ngorongoro, Tanzania


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The Manor at Nogorongoro is not your traditional safari lodge. Located on a 1500 acre coffee estate it hearkens back to a graceful country home in the Cape Dutch style.  Its 10 luxurious cottages and magnificent Manor House provide an old-world experience filled with casual elegance. Just a short distance from the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara you can enjoy game drives in the morning and then return for horseback riding, a relaxing massage or just simply sit in the library and enjoy a soothing afternoon drink.

Arusha Coffee Lodge, Tanzania


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The first stop on our trip to east Africa, the Arusha Coffee Lodge in Tanzania.  A part of the Elewana Collection of properties, the Arusha Coffee Lodge is located on a working coffee plantation on the outskirts of Arusha.  Touring the lodge, seeing the coffee fields and getting a first hand look at the roasting and brewing process is a given while here.

While there we were also lucky enough to get to visit The Plaster House, a wonderful facility where children come to recover after corrective surgery. If you get a chance, please visit their website and check out the amazing work they do.

Help save an African Icon: 100 Rhino Translocation Project


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Photo credit: Rhinos without Borders

South Africa’s Rhinos are being killed by poachers at an alarming rate, 1 every 9 hours. &Beyond, a leader in luxury experiential travel and safaris, has partnered with others in the travel industry to translocate up to a hundred Rhinos to neighbouring Botswana.

Photo credit: thedodo.com

I join them in putting out the call to others in the travel industry, and anyone concerned about saving these amazing animals — 8 million dollars is required to help relocate rhino from existing populations and release them into the wild in Botswana (the country with the best anti-poaching record in Africa).

Photo credit: andbeyond.com

It sounds like a lot of money (actually, it is a lot of money), but no price can be put on saving the Rhino from extinction.  Please consider making a tax deductable donation to one of the following organizations:

Africa Foundation

Rhinos Without Borders via Causes.com

Rhinos Without Borders via Trevolta

Rhinos Without Borders Donor and Sponsorship Packages

Read more about Rhinos Without Borders: http://cdn1.buuteeq.com/upload/18138/rhinoswithoutborders.pdf

Buy an “Ever Seen a Rhino Fly” limited edition tee from Float.com (they’ll only be on sale for one week so HURRY) 

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