Press Release: First phase of Rhinos Without Borders completed


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I just received this email and wanted to share. I feel very passionately about this project — please consider sharing this message and, if possible, helping in any way you can.



In the face of ever more devastating poaching statistics, we would like to share our story of hope. The largest airlift of rhinos ever undertaken has begun, as on the 28th April our first group of rhinos were released into Botswana. They will form part of a seed population which will have a chance to expand in number and gene diversity, whilst protected by the latest technology and a specialized anti-poaching unit. We will be moving at least 100 rhinos to Botswana, as part of the Rhinos Without Borders initiative in partnership with andBeyond, and we are already moving steadily towards being able to get the next group to safety.

We are proud, yet humbled by the opportunity; sad that it is necessary, but grateful to everyone who has supported us so far, and hopeful that this small step in conservation is breeding hope for a species on its way back from the brink of an unacceptable extinction.

Thank you to a dedicated team. Thank you to industry partners and individuals who are all turning dreams into a reality. This is only just the beginning and we hope that you will continue to stand by us as we turn the tide on the rhino crisis together. Now is a time for action, now is a time for hope.

Dereck Joubert

CEO Great Plains Conservation


Elewana Sand River Masai Mara, Kenya


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he Sand River Masai Mara lodge is located on the river from which it gets its name and within the Masai Mara Reserve. The lodge harkens back to the 1920’s heyday of luxury tented safari camps.  The surrounding Masai Mara Reserve is full of excellent game viewing and during the annual migration you have a front row seat as the thousands of zebra, wildebeest and other antelope make their seasonal move to more fertile grazing lands.

Elewana Serengeti Migration Camp, Tanzania


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The Serengeti Migration Camp is located along the Grumeti River in the Serengeti National Park.  During the Annual Migration hundreds of thousands of animals make their way through the Serengeti and across the Grumeti River.  Even if you miss the great migration there are still plenty of animals around the camp at all times (the resident hippos are there year round and can be heard snorting at all hours of the day).

The Manor at Ngorongoro, Tanzania


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The Manor at Nogorongoro is not your traditional safari lodge. Located on a 1500 acre coffee estate it hearkens back to a graceful country home in the Cape Dutch style.  Its 10 luxurious cottages and magnificent Manor House provide an old-world experience filled with casual elegance. Just a short distance from the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara you can enjoy game drives in the morning and then return for horseback riding, a relaxing massage or just simply sit in the library and enjoy a soothing afternoon drink.


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