About Andrew

Former Accredited Space Agent with Virgin Galactic
Former Accredited Space Agent with Virgin Galactic
Virtuoso Traveler 2013 Ask the Advisors
Virtuoso Traveler 2013
Ask the Advisors

Travel is in  my blood

I’ve done many things, but nothing satisfies me like seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing the wonders that exist in every corner of our world.  Early on I lived out of backpacks, slept in hammocks, trekked up mountains, lived on fishing vessels, and wandered many a back street.  Today my accommodations and modes of transport are different, but setting foot on the soil of a new land is still just as thrilling.

For me, traveling means getting out of your hotel room and really seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling the place you’re in.  You can’t get a true sense of where you are unless you walk through the streets, listen to the voices around you, taste the regional delicacies, and strike up a conversation with a local resident.  I do these things and I love every minute.

Dallas Modern Luxury 2008

Because I’ve enjoyed such a wide variety of experiences, I’ve gained a unique insight into what travel means.  I try to see all aspects of a destination – not just for my own benefit, but the benefit of my clients as well.  I understand that everyone has different expectations, and I always take that into consideration when planning a trip.  Not everyone has the same budget, but everyone appreciates professionalism and excellence.  I know first-hand what makes a trip truly memorable and I take great pride in using that expertise when planning for my clients

Just as your financial advisor ensures your return on investment, I ensure your RETURN on LIFE®.  From weekend getaways to longer adventures, I work with you on all of your travel dreams. Because it’s not about just one trip of a lifetime, it’s about a lifetime of extraordinary trips.

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