Solio Ranch, Kenya

Solio Lodge is located on the 45,000 acre Solio game Reserve in Kenya. It has the distinction of being the most successful private rhino breeding reserve in Kenya.  We were told that approximately 300 rhino – 30% of all the rhino in Kenya – live on the property.

The game viewing is spectacular and isn’t limited to just rhino – giraffe, cape buffalo, mating lions and all the requisite antelope were out in full force.  The 19,000 acres of conservancy is surrounded on all sides by cattle ranches. This ingenious design ensures that should a lion escape they are presented with an immediate meal and don’t feel the need to venture into the surrounding villages.

The accommodations are beautiful with stunning views of the surrounding hills and Mt. Kenya in the distance.  The lodge also offers horseback riding and walking tours (on the cattle ranch) which offer a distinctly unique view of the property. The guides and hosts are exemplary and my only regret was that I didn’t have more time there….

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