Help save an African Icon: 100 Rhino Translocation Project

Photo credit: Rhinos without Borders

South Africa’s Rhinos are being killed by poachers at an alarming rate, 1 every 9 hours. &Beyond, a leader in luxury experiential travel and safaris, has partnered with others in the travel industry to translocate up to a hundred Rhinos to neighbouring Botswana.

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I join them in putting out the call to others in the travel industry, and anyone concerned about saving these amazing animals — 8 million dollars is required to help relocate rhino from existing populations and release them into the wild in Botswana (the country with the best anti-poaching record in Africa).

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It sounds like a lot of money (actually, it is a lot of money), but no price can be put on saving the Rhino from extinction.  Please consider making a tax deductable donation to one of the following organizations:

Africa Foundation

Rhinos Without Borders via

Rhinos Without Borders via Trevolta

Rhinos Without Borders Donor and Sponsorship Packages

Read more about Rhinos Without Borders:

Buy an “Ever Seen a Rhino Fly” limited edition tee from (they’ll only be on sale for one week so HURRY) 

Follow Rhinos Without Borders on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube spread the word!

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