Elewana Sand River Masai Mara, Kenya

he Sand River Masai Mara lodge is located on the river from which it gets its name and within the Masai Mara Reserve. The lodge harkens back to the 1920’s heyday of luxury tented safari camps.  The surrounding Masai Mara Reserve is full of excellent game viewing and during the annual migration you have a front row seat as the thousands of zebra, wildebeest and other antelope make their seasonal move to more fertile grazing lands.

3 Replies to “Elewana Sand River Masai Mara, Kenya”

  1. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures. I love the picture of the lion turned upside down, it is really like a big cat waiting to be petted (I hope you did not try though 🙂 ). I also liked the pic of the 2 giraffes in the open field with the beautiful open sky. And the cheetah contemplating the landscape. Great pictures!

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