Abu Dhabi, UAE

Well it’s official.  Abu Dhabi is officially an international destination for Leisure Travelers. Not that they’ve been waiting for me to announce it by any means, far from it.  But……A quick walk throgh some areas of the city these days and it’s impossible not to feel that something  completely different is underway. Superb luxury hotels?  Check.  World class restaurants?  Got those too.  A little sun time on a white sandy Beach?  Step right up. In fact it’s all here, or if not quite yet it will be very shortly. No longer is Abu Dhabi just a business city, an oil city, or merely a transit hub to points beyond in both Asia and Africa.  About 20 years ago if you asked someone what they knew about Abu dhabi or Dubai outside of the region, you might be met with a simple blank stare and a shrug of the shoulders. These days it’s pretty tough to miss all of the changes going on.  From Ferrari World to the Coming Guggenheim Museum, to Scuba Diving or Yachting near Yas Island, ….there really is something for everyone here.   I really did enjoy my experience in Abu Dhabi, And the Grand Mosque is an absolute must see!  Happy Traveling!


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