Soweto, South Africa

I was completely stoked to have a day trip to Soweto planned.  After a weeks worth of meetings in Cape Town, I was excited to have a few nights in Joburg  combined with a quick trip to see what Soweto was all about.  Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Soweto prior to my visit.  Most know about the people of  Soweto’s (short for Southwest Township) struggle for Democracy against the apartheid government. Many also know of the shooting death of Hector Peterson in June of 76 at the hands of said government, the resulting riots which marked the beginning of the end for these oppressive rulers. This I also knew a little bit about.  What I didnt know?  Soweto is one cool place.  It Is cultural, both musically and artistically.  It is also extremely fun and immensely interesting.  The people?  Big smiles as if to say ‘no problem here whatsoever’.  Soweto is sophisticated and at the same time easygoing. I loved it.


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