Persepolis, Iran

A walk into the ancient city of Persepolis is to walk through one of the worlds most Impressive architectural sites.  At a site believed to be chosen by Darius The Great as a great ceremonial capital, Persepolis is a wonderful testament to the great building programs of the Achaemenid Style of Architecture and its Empire.  Despite the constant negative coverage that you may see throught media outlets, Iran has much to offer to tourists in terms of Culture, religious history and nature. Persepolis is an wonderful place to visit and step back in time to enjoy all three, and marvel at this architectural wonder created around 500BCE. While it is understandable that many travelers may be concerned about security and the existing political situation, I can say that my visit was met with warm smiles, inviting and friendly people, and a great sense of adventure.  I left Iran with great memories of my trip, and hope to return again in the near future.

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