Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

I always love a quick visit to Mexico.  It’s an easy two hour flight from Dallas, and I usually find a cold cerveza and a white sandy beach waiting for me once I land.  For a lot of my clients, it is the number one short “Getaway” destination, as it provides just about everything one could want for a beach break at a relatively close distance. Great Food.  Outstanding Nightlife,  Clear water, white sandy beaches and ancient monuments. These are just a few of the reasons why I find clients returning again and again.  Recently, my wife and I took my niece Kacey to the Riviera Maya south of Cancun.  This was a high school graduation present for her and she had a great time (her first to Mexico).  Likewise, my wife and I had a superb relaxing (sometimes not so much) weekend.  One of my favorite properties here (or anywhere for that matter) is the Rosewood Mayakoba. The service levels and warmth we received from the resort employees never disappoints. And the cuisine and accommodations are always first rate.  In addition to relaxing on the beach, diving and snorkeling, you are also within a short distance to some amazing Mayan monuments, and some great fun can be had by exploring local underground aquatic cave systems called ‘Cenotes’.  So…..if you get a chance to sneak away in the near future to a sunny destination keep Rosewood Mayakoba on your radar. We always do.  And we never regret it.    Happy Traveling!

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