Tokyo, Japan

I love Tokyo. Really I do. Tokyo is a mixture of old and new, past and present, and even occasional tranquility sprinkled amid pure adrenaline. The things that are immediately noticeable about Tokyo are its size, the frenetic pace of its people, and the endless expanse of skyscrapers that stretch as far as the eye can see.  What is much more magical about Tokyo however, are the temples and gardens that offer up slices of solitude amongst a city of 12 million.  While it may be hard to find, green Tokyo does in fact exist.  Kiosumyi and Hamarikyu gardens are just a few locations where you may find a short respite from the chaos of the city, complete with luscious flower gardens, a multitude of bamboo groves, and assorted water features. A visit to any number of these gardens also offers a glimpse into Imperial Japan with all of its mystical characteristics.  All of that said…..Tokyo still draws millions of travelers per year for its fine cuisine, opulent hotels and world class shopping.  In short, you really can find anything you want in Tokyo, and it remains a world-class city with a bit of something for everyone.


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